Source Ventures is backed by a community of digital experts, always willing to help founders grow their product from market validation to performance.


Core team

Martin Charpentier

Founder & Investor
CEO Source Paris

Victor Mertz

Partner & Investor
CEO Offit, fmr CMO Payfit,

Community experts

Jules Bassoleil

Senior Product Designer
Source Paris, fmr les 84 Paris

Cédric Marteau

Senior UX designer
Source Paris, fmr les 84 Paris

Sarah Bonnaud

Source Paris, fmr Altima

Olivier Chatel

Managing Director, Design Director
Source Paris, fmr Cinemur

Thibaut Baillet

CTO, Full Stack Developer
Source Paris, fmr Toaster (Google)

Chris Buguet

Source Paris, fmr Cinemur

Maxime Bornemann

CTO, Mobile Specialist
Source Paris, fmr Dashlane

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